The Ability Support Center

Student Supporters

1. support activity

The student supporter consists of Nagoya University students who are registered as supporters for students with disabilities and are involved in two main activities: assisting the activities of the Ability Support Center and peer support activities.
"Assistive activities" refers to assistance in the provision of academic learning support, or as support activities undertaken in place of faculty members. It includes making PDF files from textbook etc., note-taking and captioning, transportation support, and escort support.
"Peer support activities" are activities to support students by students. The term "peer support" originally means mutual support within a group of people who are in a similar situation, and here, it means that as students, or as students with the same disability, they provide consultation, help, and support to students who have disabilities.
The defined activities are paid for, but not all activities are necessarily paid for. There are also voluntary activities by students who are registered as the student supporter.
Students with or without disabilities can register as a student supporter, but a certain degree of training is required to work as a supporter.

2. registration

We will welcome a new student supporter all the time. The procedure for registration is as follows.
Please fill out the designated form and submit it to the Ability Support Center.
Required documents:
 A copy of your student ID
 Alien Registration Card (for international students)
In addition, the following items will be required at the time of actual support.
Proof of GAKKENSAI and GAKKENBAI insurance coverage
Proof of bank account information for remittance of rewards
A personal seal (if you do not have one, a signature in your own handwriting is acceptable)
The group of registered student supporters is called "air (pronounced as 'airu' in Japanese)" and is asked to collaborate in the Ability Support Center's efforts to "create an environment where students attending Nagoya University can study in the same level regardless of disabilities". For more information, please refer to the section 4. about air.

3. training

In order to engage in the important mission of assuring an environment where students with disabilities can study on the same level as students without disabilities, it is necessary for the students who cooperate in support to acquire relevant knowledge and skills regarding support for students with disabilities. To this end, the Abilities Support Center plans and implements the following lectures and practice sessions for student supporters to acquire, improve, and maintain their knowledge of disabilities and support skills.

Lecture series for support of students with disabilities

We regularly hold lectures regarding disabilities and support skills.

Workshop for academic leerning support skills

We have workshop to acquire support skills such as captioning, note-take, making PDF files of textbooks, assist for wheelchair, etc..

Movie club for deepen understanding of disability

We take place a movie club to know and think about disabilities.

Thanks to the dedication and semi-professionalism of these supporters, we are able to provide ability support that is tailored to individual needs, and in some cases, the supporters themselves create new ways to support students with disabilities.

4. about air

The air is a group of students supporter engaging within the AbilitySsupport Center. It conducts voluntary study meetings, provision of supports based on requests from the Ability Support Center, assistance of its activities, etc..
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