Ability Support Center


1. Background of our services

In university, as an institution of education and research, students are evaluated somehow by their abilities based on requirement of their own academic disciplines. It may occur, however, that a student cannot perform well due to their disability. For instance, one has a problem in going to the library because of a physical disability, and cannot write a report which might be possible if the library is available.
Nagoya University ensures to eliminate such disadvantage suffered by disablities, and to provide equitable opportunity of education to all students and fulfillment of students' capacity. That is the aim of service for students with disabilities.
"The Ability Support Center" encourages provision of such services and supports in the university, engages with support of students, and as well help faculty and staffs to provide appropriate supports in their (graduate) schools.

2. Service contents

Supports of the Ability Support Center are twofold.
One is the activity named "Academic Learning Services". It is contains two type of adjustments. The first is to improve academic environment so that any student can access to nessessary place, information, and opportunity. Facilitaiton of universal design is to be a representative. The second is to assist individual academic learning correspondent to the difficulties of an individual student. We would make an arrangement so that the student is able to learn and study, in accordance with conditions and difficulties of them. Mainly the support is "reasonable accomodation".
Another is to support growth and development of a student. While previous one is support for particiation to academic learning activities, this is a support of living well, aiming to know oneself and others and to have better relationship with thier own disability and condition. The Ability Support Center named this activity as "Life Design Support" in light of how to live a life.
Also, we would provide counseling to sort out difficulties, and make a guideline of campus life, even before using the services and supports, such as when you are no idea on type of available services and support or presence of a disability is questioned.

3. Beginnings of support |
Consultation about difficulties

Things a student may encounter in university often should be solved by themself. Such presupposition would constrain an idea of asking environmental arrangement just for them. However, if they cannot perform their capacity due to a disability, there may be measures against it other than self-help. The Ability Support Center serves students with consultation, about sufferings such as what type of support do I need, what kind of support is available, and to begin with I wonder whether my difficulty comes from a disability. We shall take necessary steps together regardless of presence of ability.

4. Academic learning services |
Environmental improvement

Today, we address to provision of support and improvement of environment (advance measure for environmental improvement) in the university based on Act for Eliminating Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities.
1) Tangible aspects
We are systematically carrying survey and improvement in order to promote universal design of facilities (buildings, roads, etc.).
2) Intangible aspects
We are surveying environmental provision of intangible elements (way of information provision and explanation, and of treatment based on understanding of disabilites) in the whole university. We will improve accessibility to information and availability of facilities and systems which is basis of learning.
What we are addressing is to achieve "easy to use for everyone" through bottom up both of tangible and intangible aspects.

5. Academic learning services |
Reasonable accomodation

Most frequent consultation at the Ability Support Center is that of academic learning services. Reasonable accomodation is, especially, central activity for us since it is an officail procedure in the university.
Reasonable accomodation represents provision of appropriate accomodation to assure students with disabilities of opportunities for course taking same as other students. For instance, it ensures a student with hearing impairment apprehendig visually of contents of lectures. In case of a student with physical handicap, we offer assisstance such as transfering between classes and assistive support in classes.
These are not nessessarily applied based on the tyep of disability or diagnosis, but accommodated in a way seemed reasonable according to the difficulty of the student. In Nagoya Unniversity, this accommodation is provided also at course relevant activities, entrance examination, official event at university, etc...
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6. Life design support |
Support of learning ability

We responde to personal needs regarding learning which is not covered by reasonable accommodation. That is, we support difficulties, such as my leaning method which have been effective until high school does not work well, I cannot comprehend classes at university, I do not make sense even if I question to a professor, etc.. We shall find learning method fit to you. Also, we would reffer students to a discipline specialized larning support given by a school and/or graduate school. We run a student group to find solution by themselves of learning difficulty problem together, and exercise psychological tests to know a your learning style.

7. Life design support |
Support of capacity for living

One can keep growing and developing when they understand their conditions and difficulties engendered by impairment as well as interpersonal relationships and social mechanisms. The Ability Support Center deploys activities to know about their self, way of recognizing their own condition, interpersonal relationship, manner of the society, and activities to learn how to be active grounding on their own conditions.

8. Other |

The Ability Support Center administers psychological tests. The tests are not for assessing goodness or badness, pass or fail. It is to assess in what state a person who is under a certain environment and having history is. We will explain in detail of result of assessment using psychological tests, foreground and background of the condition at the moment, and their strength and weekness.