Ability Support Center

Reasonable Accommodation

1. reasonbale accommodation

Among academic learning support, reasonble accomodation is a primary measure. "Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities" by United Nations defines reasonable accomodation as below.
Necessary and appropriate modification and adjustments not imposing a disproportionate or undue burden, where needed in a particular case, to ensure to persons with disabilities the enjoyment or exercise on an equal basis with others of all human rights and fundamental freedoms.
Reasonable accomodation means, as its name says, accomodation within an extent of what is thought to be reasonable, "reasonable" indicates whether it is balanced between disabilities and difficulties they has and economical, personnel, and physical resources needed to eliminate barriers against them. While, "accomodation" represents elimination of barrier so that they is able to fulfil their potential ability. Thus, "reasonable accomodation" is to adjust the relationship of a student and their surroundings. Nagoya University provides such a measure as one of academic learning supports.

2. agency

Provision of reasonable accomodation is obligation for university, whereas it is exercise of rights for students who receive it. Therefore, the agent of application and accommodation is primarily a student. It means that we do not survey conditions of disability of students in the university and provide accommodation to them automatically. Students, by themselves, should apply for support they need.
On the other hand, each school/division is the entity of provision of reasonable accommodation. It is not the Ability Support Center, because each school/division decides what knowledge and expertises students should learn according to each speciality. It affects jugdement of reasonableness of reasonable accommodation. For that reason, adjustment and negotiation between students' demand of what they need and requirement of division/school of what should be learnt is indispensable. The Ability Support Center mediates both sides.
Please refer to 5. Application flow for detail.

3. range

In Nagoya University, as of now, conditions that is mainly diagnosed disorders shown as below would be considered to fit to disabilities and difficulties for which reasonable accomodation would be provided.
Physical inpariment
Hearing inpairment, Orthopedic and Motor Impairments, Disability caused by medical conditions
Mental Disorder
Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety disorder, Psychogenic physical illnesses
Developmental Disorder
Autism spectrum disorder, Attention dificit hyperactive disorder, Limited learning disorder
And activities reasonable accomodation is provided for would be mainly course taking shown as below.
lecture, seminar, practice
Fomal event
lecture, etc.
entrance examination
However, some states and situations are considered as in the range of reasonable accomodation. So please contact to the Ability Suuport Center if you have need to be supported.

4. menu

Although support is constructed individually according to disability and difficulty, we have a list of common supports. It becoms long list, but please take a look at it to consider your support needed.
|| On-campus Mobility Assistance ||
For wheelchair users
Providing assistance for on-campus mobility for wheelchair users.
For persons in need
Providing assistance for on-campus mobility for persons in need.
|| Support regarding academic learning ||
Note-taking Assistance
Providing note‒takers for persons who have difficulty with handwriting due to writing difficulty.
Arrangement for Note-taking
Making arrangements such as obtaining lecture notes, obtaining permission for taking photos of lecture notes, etc. from lecturers and assisting note-taking for students who have difficulty with note-taking due to the disability.
Assistance for Understanding Visual Information
For persons with visual impairments, providing assistants for reading aloud print materials and describing visual information.
Real-time Captioning by handwriting
Providing lecture content (speech information) in the form of written information by handwriting in real time. Useful for lectures with audiovisual information and practical trainings.
Real-time Captioning by PC
Providing lecture content (speech information) in the form of written information by writing with PC in real time. The students can receive lecture content on the PC or tablet while taking a lecture. Useful for classroom lectures.
Sign Language Interpreter
Providing a sign language interpreter.
Assistance for collecting materials
Providing assistance for collecting materials, photocopying in the library, etc.
|| Conversion of Educational Materials ||
Captioning or adding audio descriptions on audiovisual materials
Producing captioning or adding audio descriptions on audiovisual materials.
Converting Print Materials to Electronic Materials
Converting print materials such as textbooks used in the course of study to electronic materials. The electronic materials can be enlarged and read in PC and tablet.
Converting Electronic Materials to Accessible Format
Converting electronic materials to accessible format. (i.e. from PDF file to Word file)
|| Arrangement for examination and classroom ||
Examination Arrangement
Making arrangements such as changing examination time, examination methods (e.g. taking an examination in the separate room), and answering methods, etc. (Change of examinations themselves are not allowed.)
Classroom Arrangement
Changing the location of classrooms, and/or reserving seats with mobility, accessibility, or any other neccesary issues.

5. flow of application

You need to take below procedure to apply to academic learning support. Please ask the Ability Support Center if you have any question at each stage.

(1) consultation

In prior consultation would be helpful. We accpet consultation from family members and faculty as well as students.
contact window:
The Ability Support Center or your school/division of affiliation
What kind of support is provided.
About form and documents.
About application procedure.

(2) application

You need to submit request form and other neccesary documents. After receiving the form etc. The Ability Support Center will set a meeting with you and your school/division of affilication separately or together, and review supports.
contact window
The Ability Support Center
Request Form for Accommodations on Ground of Disability and Other Special Needs
Evidence documents for support (e.g., medical certification, expert's comment on your condition, etc.)
A copy of handicapped person’s passbook (if you have)

(3) determination

The documents are reviwed and supports considered as reasonable are determined by Nagoya University.

(4) response

Information of determined support content is sent to you, as well to concerning schools/divisions and class instructors in written format.
If you wish to use the service from the beginning of the term (April and October), please submit the form and document a month prior to it (last half of February or August).
If you have any question on filling the form and preparing documents, please contact to the Ability Support Center.

6. request form

The forms for application are available from the links below. Please download and use the appropriate request form for the disability.