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Kosuke SATO

Nagoya University offers not only many opportunities for students to learn various studies but also to meet diverse people. There are about 17,000 undergraduate and graduate students, as well as special audit students, part-time students, audit students, research students, international students, and exchange students for credit transference. The nationalities of students are more than 90. In addition to students, researchers, post-docs, research administrators, office workers, other professionals for University Hospital, junior high and high school students, and kids for kindergarten are the member of Nagoya University. It is quite obvious that we need to take diversity into consideration. Now, it is easy for you to imagine that there are people with disabilities in campus, of course. We, the office for students with disabilities (OSD), are making an effort for providing equal opportunities to participate in University activities to the students with disabilities. The OSD is basically for the students with disabilities. However, if you need some information about disabilities, universal design, social barriers, reasonable accommodation, and my research, you are welcome to visit the OSD.

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This is Yuri Goto. I started to work in the Office for Students with Disability from April, 2015. I am engaged in arranging support for students with disabilities. It is my research and practical interest to consider making anti-discrimination legislation effective. I believe that ensuring the rights for people with disabilities effect that ensuring the rights for everyone. With supporting students with disabilities, I hope to establish "welfare" for all members of Nagoya Universiy. Also, I did field work in Hong Kong and Korea as a post-doctoral student in Nagoya University. There might be something which I can share with you. Please do not hegitate to come to the OSD.

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Myunghee Lee

李 明憙(い みょんひ)


  • he OSD in Nagoya University aims to insure that equal opportunities are provided to all students with disabilities and that they are as valued in their dignity and enjoy the same basic campus lives as the students without disabilities.
  • Why don't you come and talk to us if you have any questions!
    You are welcome to come and visit us if you have any problems with your disabilities.
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