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 The Office for Students with Disabilities has four staff members including a clinical psychologist, a coordinator for support for students with disabilities, and a sign language interpreter.

 Our main activities are below;

 • We provide disability services following the decision of Disability Services Office.(e.g., communication support, providing supporters, lending equipments, etc.)

 • We make consultations, advices for students with disabilities, etc.

 • We make a cooperation with and give consultations to Faculties and Schools.

 • We give trainings to student supporters and send them for support.

 • We collect and accumulate methods, skills, and related information for students with disabilities.

 • We promote accessibility and implement universal design.

 • We make accessibility map.

 • We hold activities for promoting public awareness inside and outside of Nagoya University. (e.g., symposium, seminars, lectures, etc.)

 • We research on the students (or people) with disabilities.

  • The OSD in Nagoya University aims to insure that equal opportunities are provided to all students with disabilities and that they are as valued in their dignity and enjoy the same basic campus lives as the students without disabilities.
  • Why don't you come and talk to us if you have any questions!
    You are welcome to come and visit us if you have any problems with your disabilities.
    Processes of Disability Services
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