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Orthopedic and Motor Impairments

Disabilities by Orthopedic and Motor Impairments means the condition that you have impairments of limbs and/or trunk that have substantial and long-term negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities regardless of the cause.

We sometimes regard all people with orthopedic and motor impairments as wheelchair users. There are people who have difficulties in their legs. In addition, some people have difficulties in arms, some people loss their total or partial part of the bodies, some people have difficulties in keeping their postures, etc. The degree is also various. Some people have substantial difficulties, others do not experience many difficulties. Some people use crutches, others do not use anything.


Some difficulties are not seen from the appearance. For example, some people cannot use their arms or control their arms. Some people have difficulties in thermoregulation. For supporting people with orthopedic and motor impairments, it is important to consider these difficulties.


The Office for Students with Disabilities have provided assistance for collecting materials and for making materials, promote accessibility to laboratories or students' room (i.e., reform of doors, installation of automatic doors, wheelchair lifts, ramps, etc.), or provides on-campus mobility assistance, etc. (Under certain conditions, we will provide disability services for valetudinarian students or students who have an injury temporally. Please feel free to contact us).

  • The OSD in Nagoya University aims to insure that equal opportunities are provided to all students with disabilities and that they are as valued in their dignity and enjoy the same basic campus lives as the students without disabilities.
  • Why don't you come and talk to us if you have any questions!
    You are welcome to come and visit us if you have any problems with your disabilities.
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