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Disability Services

【Advices and consultations on academic supports】
The OSD provides advices and consultations for students with disabilities.

We provide the information for decreasing difficulties for campus lives.

【Arrangement of student supporters】
The OSD arrange the student supporters who are trained for students with disabilities.

【Classroom/Exam Accommodation】
The students with disabilities may be provided an extende time, alternative location and procedure for examinations.

The OSD provides a sign language interpretor, real-time captionists, accommodation for in-class aids, and converting texts to accessible formatas.

【Lending assistive tools and information on assistive technolgies】
The OSD lend assistive tools for students with disabilities with how to use.

The OSD provides the information on assistive technolgies such as softwares and applications.

The list of assistive tools (in Japanese)

Application form of assistive tools (in Japanese)

【Provision of the inforamtion on scholorships carrer development】
The OSD provide the information on carrer development. There are available information for job from companies.

The Scholorship information is provided.

【Ensuring accessibility on campus】
The OSD promotes accessible and universal design on campus and education.

The OSD provides an accessible campus map for the people with disabilities.


List of services

【On-campus Mobility Assistance】
On-campus Mobility Assistance for wheelchair users: The OSD provides the assistance for on-campus mobility for wheelchair users.

On-campus Mobility Assistance for persons in need: The OSD provides the assistance for mobility for persons in need.

【Academic Support】
Note-taking Assistance: The OSD provides note-takers for persons who have difficulties in writing.
Arrangement for Note-taking: For students who have difficulties in note-taking, the OSD ask the instructors permissions for note-taking, such as taking a photo of materials, providing note-takers, etc.
Assistance for Understanding Visual Information: For persons with visual impairments, the OSD provides readers who read aloud print materials. The OSD also provides assistants who describe visual information.
Real-time Captioning by handwriting: Real-time captioning is a method to have access to information as it is happening. Real-time captioning by handwriting is recommended for the lectures in which tables or figures are often used.
Real-time Captioning by PC: Real-time captioning is a method to have access to information as it is happening. The students with disabilities can understand the class using the PC or tablet in which captioning is presented. It is recommended for the lectures in the classroom.
Remote Real-time Captioning by PC: Remote real-time captioning by PC is captioning produced at a remote place. It is available for the lecture out of the classroom. It is also recommended if the classroom is not enough space for captioners.
Sign Language Interpreter: The OSD provides a sign language interpreter.
Assistance for collecting materials: For example, the OSD provides assistance for collecting materials, photocopying in the library, etc.

【Alternative Media Accommodation】
Captioning or audio descriptions on audiovisual materials: The OSD produces captioning or puts audio descriptions on audiovisual materials.
Print Materials to Electronic Materials: The OSD changes academically required print materials to electronic materials, such as textbooks. The electronic materials can be read in PC and tablet in enlarged style.
Convert Electric Materials to Accessible Format: The OSD converts electric materials to accessible format (e.g., from PDF file to Word file).

【Classroom/Exam Accommodation】
Classroom Accommodation: The OSD arranges communication supporters, changes the location of the classroom or seat, etc.
Exam Accommodation: The OSD arranges for accommodation with the instructors. The accommodation may include changes in the length of time, the location of the room (ex. separate room), the method of exam, etc. These changes do not fundamentally lower or alter the standards.

【Provision of Information】
Information on Special Adaptive Equipment and Assistive Devices: The OSD provides information on special adaptive equipment, assistive devices, softwares, applications, etc. The OSD gives instructions for use.
Information on Scholarship: The OSD provides information on scholarship for students with/without disabilities. Please ClickInformation for Scholarships for further information.

Consultation related to disability: The OSD has consultations on problems related to disability in academic activities, curriculum, accessibility, job-searching, or campus life. However, as regards non-academic problems, we may introduce other consulting offices.
Peer Mentoring: The OSD introduces mentors and alumni mentors who have disabilities of Nagoya University personally. The mentors can provide useful information about campus life.
Consultation for Faculties and Staff in Nagoya University: The OSD have consultations on academic support and reasonable accommodation about students with disabilities for staff and faculties in Nagoya University.
Information on Housing: The OSD provides information on accessible apartment near university.
Support for Job-Searching and Internship: The OSD provides communication support, etc. for job-searching. We do not support all activities, so please have a consultation in advance.
Advocacy: The OSD supports claims of rights by students with disabilities.

  • The OSD in Nagoya University aims to insure that equal opportunities are provided to all students with disabilities and that they are as valued in their dignity and enjoy the same basic campus lives as the students without disabilities.
  • Why don't you come and talk to us if you have any questions!
    You are welcome to come and visit us if you have any problems with your disabilities.
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