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Student Counseling Section

Clinical psychologists consult students who have some psychological troubles related to thier campus life. We respectfully give advices and counselings for not onlly about an acedemic problems but also interperconal troubles with friends, romantic partners, and family as well as future career issue and academic/research activities.

Members of Student Counseling Section

Mental Health Section

Psychiatrists treat psychiatric conditions of students. If necessary, we provide information about medical institutes out side of the university and some pharmacologcial treatent for free (though a sort of medicine is not various). Please make a contact with us if you feel like not to got to psychiatric medical institutes out side of the university.

Members of Mental Health Section

Career Counseling Section

Career counselors and advisor give beneficial informations for job search and hunting such as how to fill in entry sheets and giving strategis for job interviews. We provide not only evidence based supports but also fruitful advices for next steps of your life.

Members of Career Counseling Section

Office for Students with Disabilities

We are supporting students with disabilities such as providing reasonable accommodations and assisiting and consulting with faculties for providing reasonable accommodation. If there are any problems and worries coursed by your disability conditions, please contact us. We recommend students with disabilities to contact us once even though they have no troubles now. You may be able to get beneficial information about not only education but also career development.

Members of Office for Students with Disabilities

Concurrent Advisors and Counselors

There are a various concurrent advisors and counselors out of the Center for Student Counseling. Those staffs may be quite near from your department. If you would like to be consulted by those staffs, please make a reservation and visit them. You are more than welcome.

Concurrent members