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Supporters for Student Campus Life


Supporters for Student Campus Life are mostly senior students and consult with younger students about their worries on study, club activitty, relationships with friends, part-time job and so on. They give you face-to-face consultations. They answer for you questions through "Peer-suppost" which you can put in your questions about campus life. They also answer for you questions through "Tsubuyaki" (means whisper) Notebook which you can wirite your questions. There are also "Kokoro-no-syohosen" which contains the message from suppoters and sometimes events!

Face-to-face consultations & "Kokoro-no-syohosen" are provided at the University Library 2F Supporter Booth Wed 12:00-16:00
"Peer-suppost" &・"Tsubuyaki Notebook" are set up at n ear the entrance of University Library 2F


【Message from Supporters for Student Campus Life】
名古屋大学大学院工学研究科マテリアル理工学専攻M2 山下貴大

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