Peer Supprot Activities

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Peer Support Activities

"Peer" means a person of the same age, status, or ability as another specified person. The Center for Student Counseling are assisting peer support activities which students are helping and advising each other as well as sharing information and experiences for better campus life. Students who have learned from peer advises or helps become the one gives them to the next. Please join these activities and cultures as the member of creating a wisdom of crowd.

Supporters for Student Campus Life

Senior student supporters give advises and share their experiences, and sometimes just chatter with students who have some troubles and worries about university life. They can give you tips for various student activities on campus. For example, they can guide to registration, give advises about course credits, and providing informations of other campus resources. They are waiting for you at the student advising section on the 2nd floor of Nagoya University Library.

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"Syukatsu" Supporters

"Syukatsu" Supporters consists of senior students who have already got a job. Their experiences for searching a job are quite beneficial for students who are doing job huntings or those just start. Supporters can give nice advises and lessons in efficient starategies and tactics for searching a job. Supporters are very nice people who would like to be helpful for younger generation. Please contact us for getting your own future career!

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Supporters for Students with Disabilities

Nagoya University creates an environment that peolpe with or without disabilities can earn equal opprunity to a right to education and better campus life. This is the group to promote and help to create those environments and supprting studente with disabilities. This group activity is also providing good opportunities to learn a diversity. You want to join us?

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