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Nagoya University's Center for Student Counseling is an organization which provides comprehensive support for the students of our University. It consists of four sections which work closely with one another to offer support to students in addressing a number of concerns, such as those related to campus life, academics, how to lead a healthy lifestyle, finding a job after graduation, or advancing onward to a graduate program.

Beyond these services, the Center also engages in awareness and prevention activities by offering seminars and lectures on student support and related areas for both members of Nagoya University as well as persons outside of the University.

The Center also provides opportunities for exchange, networking and information sharing, and the development of social skills by offering unique group activities. Moreover, during the last few decades, the Center has encouraged and supported peer support activities for the student body across many areas, thus emphasizing the importance of self-help activities among students.

1. Student Counseling Section

Our expert counselors are specialists in clinical psychology, and are prepared to offer you advice and counseling on any trouble you may be facing, whether it is related to yourself, your family and friends, a romantic relationship, your university relationships, campus life or research activities, academics or advancement to graduate school, other general mental distress, etc. Through the advice and counseling, the Student Counseling Section provides students with the support necessary for them to arrive at the solutions to their problems on their own. Staff and faculty who have difficulties in dealing with students, and families of students, are also welcome.

2. Mental Health Section

Our psychiatrists treat not only mental disorders, but also the physical effects of such disorders. They offer counseling to those suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, or other mental troubles, and when necessary, can prescribe medication or refer students to medical institutions outside of the University. In addition, they also offer counseling to a student's supervisor or parent/guardian.

3. Career Counseling Section

Our specially trained career counselors work in collaboration with the Career Development Office to offer counseling and provide information related to the job-hunting process or advancement into a graduate school program. For example, they can offer you advice on how to choose a company or how to plan for job hunting activities, and also offer mock job interview practice and guidance how to fill out entry sheets. Moreover, the Career Counseling Section holds various seminars on job hunting activities, and you are encouraged to attend them.

4. Office for Students with Disabilities

The staff who have specialty on disability services provide academic support for students with disabilities. They also design academic support plans and offer related consultation, and also request and assign student supporters to provide academic support to students with disabilities. In addition, they hold study groups and workshops as a part of awareness campaigns for understanding persons with disabilities, and also collaborate with other offices to promote a more barrier-free environment and universally-accessible campus.