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1956 (S31)
Office for Student Counseling, the former Student Couseling Section, has established.
1971 (S46)
Health Care Center has established and mental health counseling and consultation has started.
1975 (S50)
Mental health counseling and consultation, the former Mental Health Section, has started with the reornanization of Health Care Center into Research Center of Health, Physical Fitness and Sports.
1997 (H9)
Career counseling, the former Carer Counseling Section, has started in the Department of Student Affair, Welfare Division.
2000 (H12)
The preparatory committee for Student Support Center (tentative name) has established.
2001 (H13)
The Center for Student Counseling has established with three sections, student counseling, mental health counseling, and career counseling.
2001 (H13)
The first issue of the Bulletin of Cnter for Student Counseling has published.
2007 (H19)
We have accepted Student Support Program (Student Support GP: Good Practice).
2007 (H19)
Mental health counseling has started at the Branch of Health Administration Office in Tsurumai campus.
2009 (H21)
International Student Counseling Section has established in the Center for Student Counseling.
2010 (H22)
Office for Students with Disabilities has established in the Center for Student Counseling.
2011 (H23)
International Student Counseling Section had reorganize into the Education Center for International Students (currently International Education and Exchange Center).
2016 (H26)
The branch office of the Center for Student Counseling has established in Tsurumai and Daiko campuses.