Message from the Director

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Message from the Director of the Center

The Center for Student Counseling was established on April 1, 2001. Prior to its formation, the Student Counseling Section, the Mental Health Section, and the Career Counseling Section had served students independently. These sections were integrated within the Center for Student Counseling in order to fully accommodate a greater number of students seeking counseling for the increasingly complex and interrelated issues they face, as well as to more adequately meet the needs of graduate students. The Center for Student Counseling was thus established as a university-wide student support base.

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Director of the CenterMariko Matsumoto

Back then, the Ministry of Education had recommended "enrichment of student counseling" in its “Building Universities from the Students’ Perspectives” report. Nagoya University took the lead nationwide by establishing the Center without delay, and has strived to perfect student support ever since. Recently, the Center for Student Counseling has also opened its Office for Students with Disabilities, aiming to take student support to an even higher level.

In comparison to one's high school years, university life does not simply mean a larger campus: it also involves a greater number of students and new relationships of all sorts, depending on the time and place. There may be times when you feel isolated within such a vast campus, or when you grow fatigued due to constant contact with the small number of classmates in your seminars, or when you become frustrated and even lose confidence as you seek out a job for after graduation.

While at university students also face a number of worries and concerns beyond interpersonal relationships at school, including, for example, fears about one's future, physical or mental health issues, trouble while job hunting, or problems at home. When you worry, it is proof that you take yourself seriously. It is neither rare nor negative. Worry! In your worries you will find the beginnings of new growth. Still, it is often hard to worry on your own.

The Center for Student Counseling is here for you. Our staff will help you to deal with your worries, and are ready to join you on your journey through university life. We are specialized across a number of different fields, and all of us are happy to support and encourage you, so that your academic life may be richer than ever before and problem-free as you prepare for your future. Thank you.