Student Counseling Section

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Student Counseling Section


Student Counseling Section privides counseling for students who have worries and troubles aobut study, future career and life, interpersonal relationship. family issue, and campus life.

Consultation from students
・I have some troubles with my friend relationships (e.g., friends, lab members, club members).
・I would like to talk about my family.
・I am not motivated to study and research.
・I can not make up my mind which future career to choose.
・I do no know how I make a living in the suture.
・I have troubles with solicitations.
Consultation from faculties and staffs
・I can not reach my studet.
・I feel that student look different from usual.
・I would like to consult with counselors about how to interact with the student whom my usual supervision does not work.
Consultation from students' families
・My kid does not go to university.
・My kid repeated a year.
・My kid seems to have some troubles in university.


<Game Group: "Saikoro-analysis" (tentative name)>
The participants play board and video games, and can learn tactics for not only games but also interpersonal skills in this group. It is like thorouwing one "saikoro" to kill two birds. Students who are not good at interperconal skills are welcome!

Day and Time: Wed 13:00~15:00
Location:2F, Building 7, B Wing, School of Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering, Higashiyama Campus

<Supporters for Student Campus Life>
Senior student supporters give advises and share their experiences, and sometimes just chatter with students who have some troubles and worries about university life. They also answer for you questions through "Peer-suppost" which you can put in your questions about campus life and "Tsubuyaki" (means whisper) Notebook which you can wirite your questions. There are also "Kokoro-no-syohosen" which contains the message from suppoters and sometimes events!

Day and Time:Wed 12:00-16:00
Location:2F, University Library, Higashiyama Campus

<Social Contributions>
『Case Study Group for Student Conseling』
The Case Study Group for Student Conseling has been holding once in a month since 1983 and provides cross-training opportunities for student counselors in Tokai.