Career Counseling Section

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Career Counseling Section

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Not only can Nagoya University students who are searching a job as well as junior students who will be in the future but also graduates use the section of career counseling.

Consultations(30 or 60 mins)
Students can consult with career counselors and advisor about processes of searching and hunting a job and internships. Abstract qurestions such as when to decide future careers and what will happen after, or just worries about future careers are more tha welcome. You will be able to clear your mind and find the next steps. Junior students, of cource, as well as Nagoya University graduates can use our services.

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If you develop interests in internships and searching job, you better come and visit the section of career counseling and the Career Development Office.
You can make a reservation for consulting with career counselors and advisor of the career counseling section in the Center for Student Counseling at the Career Development Office. You also can talk to the staffs of the Career Development Office and get beneficial information (no reservation needed) and find the job searching reports that the former student made and the list of companies graduates has worked at, and books about varous industries, how to search a job, aptitude tests, and os on. Moreover, the section of career counseling and the Career Development Office provide various guidances and the opprtunities to practice job interviews. Furthermore, there are "Syukatsu" supporters in the Career Development Office weekday afternoon you can talk and ask. Please feel free to use us.